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Dr Rashel Private Parts Firming Soap has the ability to amplify cell regeneration and restore vitality of your vaginal muscles, boost flexibility ,and the elimination of the vaginal dryness and restore moisture and aid to narrow the size of your vagina. There is also a distinctive combo to control unwanted smells.

Dr.Rashel Face Cream For Men is a skincare product launched by Dr. Rashel. Dr. Rashel is an authentic brand of health and cosmetic products. The brand has successfully earned the trust of thousands of customers worldwide. All of their skincare and other body products are fully tested and certified. So, we can confidently say that their products are 100% genuine and safe.

Skin Type
Argan Oil Moisturising day cream by Dr. Rashel is suitable for all kinds of skin. It means that people having any kind of skin can use Dr Rashel Private Parts Firming Soap.

Argan Oil Moisturising day cream is suitable for external use only. Keep Dr Rashel Private Parts Firming Soap in a cool, dry place and keep out of reach of children.

Keep Dr Rashel Private Parts Firming Soap at normal temperature and avoid placing it in under direct sunlight. You can store it in a dry place in your home or office.

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