Palmolive 5 In 1 Pack Refreshing Glow Soap – 110g

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Palmolive 5-In-One Pack Refreshing Glow Soap-110g provides your skin several advantages. From cleansing to defense from unsafe cost-free radicals, it does it all. This soap bar consists of skin-nourishing elements. It is filled with hydrating cream and also citrus essences. It aids enhance the health of the skin by battling cost-free radicals. The removal of unsafe substances assists restore the skin’s all-natural health as well as safety oils. It uncovers the all-natural glowing skin complexion without stripping your skin from its natural wetness.

Product Features
Made with moisturizing lotion as well as citrus extracts that prevent damage from free radicals
Comes in 5 pieces each weighing 110 grams
Brings natural-looking radiance to deal with
Suits completely dry skin type
Brings a long-lasting rejuvenating scent
Forms a luscious lather

Palmolive Naturals Refreshing Glow Soap, 5-In-One Pack, 5x110g is a top quality product launched by Palmolive. Palmolive is an American based brand offering a line of products manufactured by the parent company Colgate-Palmolive. B.J. Johnson Soap Company, which was established in 1864, introduced Palmolive soap in 1898. The company created a formula that included olive oil and palm. In 1928, Colgate merged with the Palmolive-Peet Company and the two companies became a joint venture in 1953 which came to be known as the Colgate-Palmolive Company.

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