Medicam Protein & Vitamin E Hand & Body Soap – 500ml

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Medicam Protein & Vitamin E Hand & Body Soap-500ml with included benefits of lipid layer enhancing is improved with abundant scent and provides mild cleaning action. Pearl vitamins and proteins provide life as well as vitality to the skin. Skin ends up being smooth, soft, and vibrant. It refreshes skin with vitamins and also natural extracts for healing skin rejuvenation, nourishing, and conditioning. Medicam Pearl Protein & Vitamin E Hand & Body Soap 500ml works at killing bacteria while cleaning up dust, excess oil, odor, sweat, and also makeup from your skin. It will continue to safeguard your skin for hours after cleaning, to assist fight against ailment and also infection.

Medicam is a Pakistan based brand under Marriana International that creates products related to dental care, skin care, hair care and health care. It has emerged because of its dynamic leadership and constant improvement in sales and growth of profitability. The organization is driven by a strong vision and well qualified, capable, experienced and dedicated professionals. It employs experts with a clear vision of future trends to cope up with the volatile and unpredictable business environment today. They make predicting the future easy by creating it. A thorough planning, transparent evaluation and effective implementation are conducted before projecting new targets.

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