Hemani Herbal Rose Soap – 100g

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Hemani Herbal Rose Soap-100g, is a perfect non-drying bar soap that cleanses and regenerates skin tissue making your skin glow. Customers are more than happy and satisfied with their experience after using Hemani Herbal Rose Soap, 100g. It is a blood-red, divine-scented soap. It smells so good, like fresh flowers. You will just love it. It’s very refreshing because of its red color and rose smell. Hemani Herbal Rose Soap, 100g, calms the fatigue when I use it after long working hours. Its red color soothes the mind and refreshes the body with the feel of jelly-like a creamy rose. Herbal rose soap is a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. When you have it for the first time in my hands, you will feel like someone just sent me love and care packed in this small box.

Product Features
Adorable design
Total herbal soap
Helps your skin in glowing and 1refreshing for a long time
Smooths your skin

Hermani is a Pakistan based brand established in 1949. The company has a vast experience in the field of herbal trade which has been utilized in the production of herbal products to benefit people in the most natural way possible. It was established in Dubai in 1995. Hemani manufactures its products under strict quality control procedures to ensure the best quality which is crucial for healthy living. Products offered by Hermani have earned a huge market status in Middle East, North African Countries, Northern and Western Asia.
Since its creation, it has established itself as a No.1 natural & herbal company with a wide range of products such as herbal oils, herbal teas, aromatherapy products, herbal hair, massage creams & various skin care products.

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