Palmers Olive Butter Soap – 100gm

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Palmers Olive Butter Soap-100gm is the suitable product for renewing dry skin. The soap works with completely dry skin to provide it a clean as well as extremely soft quality. The item is very effective as a result of its natural ingredients like extra virgin olive oil. The oil gives the soap an one-of-a-kind cleansing base as it is filled with minerals and also vitamins that make the skin fresh and healthy and balanced. Users will additionally see that it rinses clean without removing the user’s skin of its all-natural acid mantle.

Product Features
It additionally consists of peptides that boost the skin’s flexibility and firmness
Users have actually discovered this item’s odor very pleasant and also they love exactly how smooth their skin really feels after use
It can be rinsed clean really conveniently with no trace of deposit
The active ingredients of Palmer’s Olive Butter Soap employ cold-pressed as well as additional virgin oil
The enhancement of Vitamin E in the components guarantees a nourished skin that is without all antioxidants

Palmer’s is an American based brand under E. T. Browne Drug Company. This drug company has the longest standing proprietors of hair and skin care products in the US. It has been family owned since the mid nineteenth century. It has been under current ownership since 1971. The revolutionary brand Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula was established under the current ownership and was introduced to the world. Since its creation, Palmer’s has been expanding on its heritage and knowledge. It is developing brand ranges such as Shea Formula, Skin Success, Olive Oil Formula, Coconut Oil Formula, Hair Success and Natural Fusions. These brands have given E.T. Browne has a strong presence in various market segments such as skin care, hair care, skin fade care, and pregnancy. Today, Palmer’s enjoys a global presence with its products being sold in more than 80 countries. The rich heritage and stringent commitment to the best quality has made Palmer’s a trusted household name that stood the test of time and used by families for generations.

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