Johnson’s Baby Soap – 75gm

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Johnson’s Baby Soap-75gm with glycerin is non-irritating and moisturizing, with fabulous essential oil fragrances and dreamy lather that are distinctively good for the baby’s skin. It is mild and pure, ideal for your baby’s having dry skin, and the best baby soap for babies with sensitive skin as well.

Are you someone who is looking for your baby soap for your newborn baby? Are you worried about your baby’s health and want to protect the baby from germs? Then you should add Baby Soap 75gm into your baby’s wardrobe as it is ranked as the best soap for babies in Pakistan by thousands of customers.

Golden Girl Cosmetics is a well-known brand in Pakistan for its top-notch baby care products. It has gained thousands of customers in Pakistan, which shows how good quality and high standard products they launch.

You should use Johnson’s Baby Soap-75gm to wash your baby’s hands regularly and during bathing as well.

Product Weight
Baby Soap 75gm weighs about 75 grams.

Storage Instruction
You should keep Baby Soap 75gm in a cool and dry place at your home or office.

Baby Soap 75gm comes in fancy box packaging.

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