L’Oréal Paris Everstrong Thickening Conditioner – 250ml

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L’Oréal Paris Everstrong Thickening Conditioner 250ml has an ideal formula that fortifies fragile, thin hair, prevents breakage and leaves you with thicker-looking hair. With one wash, the system injects strength into your hair making it fifteen times stronger. This unique formulation is especially gentle on fine hair as it is free of harsh sulfates, surfactants or salts that can strip damaged and dull hair.
Experience a purely luxurious lather, sensorial lush and a fresh aromatic fragrance that blooms with L’Oreal Paris Ever Strong Rosemary Leaf Thickening Conditioner. Apply it to your damp, shampooed hair and massage it gently to make a thick lather. Leave it on for 3-4 minutes to let the ingredients soak in and do their magic before rinsing it off.
About Manufacturer
L’Oreal believes that beauty is a basic need that is more than mere “appearance.” Beauty taps deep into human aspirations: a sense of self-realization, belonging and self-confidence. The brand works to help men and women worldwide fulfill their aspirations while respecting and understanding their needs, the nuances in cultures and traditions. It strives to provide all men and women the best products in terms of efficacy, quality, safety and responsibility. L’Oreal builds and conceives an infinite diversity of cosmetic products and services with such strong foundations. It shares the best of beauty everywhere and with everyone.

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