Tresemme Thick & Full Conditioner – 650ml

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Tresemme Thick & Full Conditioner-650ml IS Harnessed with the power of glycerol for more voluminous, fuller hair. Formulated specifically for fine hair, Tresemme Thick & Full PH-Balanced Conditioner, Pro Collection, 650ml gently cleanses and gets rid of residue while ensuring thicker-looking hair. The pH-balanced formula in Tresemme’s volumizing shampoo for fine hair respects your hair’s delicate structure. After use, hair feels textured and full, with a lightweight, natural feel. Get style-ready hair with the entire Thick & Full collection, so your hairstyle makes an impact. This shampoo for fine hair contains ultra-light conditioning polymers specifically tailored for fine hair, with Glycerol that binds water and hair proteins in order to plump strands and draw gorgeous volume.

Designed specifically for fine hair
Gently cleanses and removes residue while ensuring thicker-looking hair
After use, hair feels textured and full, with a lightweight, natural feel

About Manufacturer
TRESemme is an American-based hair care brand that started manufacturing in 1947 in New York. It was named after a famous hair care expert Edna L. Emme, and the name of the brand is a respelling of the French word “tres-aime” meaning “beloved.” Initially, TRESemme products were only marketed to beauty salons. But, as its products became more popular, it marketed to pharmacies and supermarkets. In 1968, the brand was purchased by Alberto Culver, which was later acquired by Unilever in 2010.

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