Framesi Morphosis Green Daily Conditioner – 250ml

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Framesi Morphosis Green Daily Conditioner-250ml is a nourishing, repairing mask that is suitable for daily use on all types of hair. More than 98% of its ingredients are completely natural. It is ideal for those who look for a professional hydrating shampoo used on the sensitive scalp. Moreover, its fragrance is inspired by the perfume of the mediterranean.
Some of the key ingredients in the conditioner are; olive extract, passionflower seed oil, guar gum and vitamin E that work together to restore health and shine to your hair without weighing your hair down. It disentangles and adds definition to your hair while making it soft, luminous and visibly healthy.
The Framesi Morphosis Green Daily Conditioner gives an optimal hydrating effect to your hair. This hydrating conditioner makes your hair soft and gives your hair a nice healthy shine that everyone will love. It is ideal for fine to normal hair and does not aggravate your hair.
After washing your hair with a shampoo, apply Framesi Morphosis Green Daily Conditioner on damp hair from mid-lenght to the ends for optimal results. Gently massage the product well on the scalp and leave it on for a couple of minutes before washing it off.

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