Tresemme Color Revitalize Protection Conditioner – 828ml

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Tresemme Color Revitalize Protection Conditioner-828ml is designed for daily use for color-treated. It is created with sunflower seed oil to protect your hair color’s shine and vibrancy. It is your best bet to prevent the color from fading away, and save all the work and expenses you have put to color treat your hair.
The Revitalize Color system keeps your hair manageable, soft and vibrant with color lock technology that helps keep color beautifully radiant for over eight weeks. This conditioner is infused with sunflower seed oil that gently cleanses your hair and conditions colored hair to replenish it with much-needed moisture, keeping your locks looking beautiful, strong and healthy while making the radiant hair color last longer.
This professional-quality formula helps keep your color vibrant by replenishing your hair with adequate moisture while maintaining the hair color protection and perfect level of shine. This color protecting conditioner, in addition to replenishing moisture, helps the vibrant shade of your hair last.
To get the most out of TRESemme Revitalize Color Protect, use cool water to quick-rinse your hair at the end of the shower to seal hair cuticles and prevent brightness of the color from fading away and keeping it in its vibrant form.

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