Tresemme Ultimate Hydration Conditioner – 650ml

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Tresemme’s best hydration, A hair shampoo, and also a conditioner system that can appease your tresses in just one clean. Tresemme Ultimate Hydration Conditioner-650ml, offers your locks resilient hydration. The professional-quality formulas work to bring back hair to its all-natural smoothness as well as shine while locking in the dampness that your hair longs for. Why waste time worrying over difficult and unmanageable hair? With the ultimate hydration hair shampoo & Conditioner, women can accomplish a reputable level of smoothness as well as shine day after day, equipping them with quenched, soft hairs once and for all, leading to unstoppable confidence as well as the capacity to walk taller, style after style. This conditioner is for all hair types as well as includes an excellent dose of vitamin E. Curly hair, No issue. This moisturizing conditioner is a terrific hair conditioner for completely dry hair, Designed for women that enjoy soft, silky, smooth locks. TRESemme is a salon-inspired brand name that delivers expert, high-quality products.

About Manufacturer
TRESemme is an American based hair care brand which started manufacturing in 1947 in New York. It was named after a famous hair care expert Edna L. Emme and the name of the brand is a respelling of French word “tres-aime” meaning “beloved.” Initially, TRESemme products were only marketed to beauty salons. But, as its products became more popular, it marketed to pharmacies and supermarkets. In 1968, the brand was purchased by Alberto Culver which was later acquired by Unilever in 2010.

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