Tresemme Moisture Rich Luxurious Conditioner – 828ml

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Tresemme Moisture Rich Luxurious Conditioner-828ml is designed for damaged and dry hair. It is formulated to provide your hair with much-needed hydration where your hair needs it. The TRESemme Luxurious Moisture Conditioner system treats dry hair by delivering optimised hydration that addresses dryness of hair and helps lock moisture where it is needed. This advanced moisturising system is designed for daily use. It is infused with vitamin E that replenishes your hair with nutrients and restores vibrancy while treating dry and damaged hair by making them soft and without weighing it down.
This moisturising conditioner works great to give enviable shine and a salon-healthy look. The vitamin E content in the product gently moisturises your hair and softens it up. Its innovative moisturising formula with aqua, lactic acid, dipropylene glycol and other ingredients for dry hair delivers all-day hydration.
To get most of the product, start applying from mid-shaft to the tips of your hair and from there, work through the roots. Gently run your fingers or a wide-tooth comb from roots to ends to detangle and coat your hair completely. Wait for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off. Your hair is ready for yet another glamorous style.

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