Olivia Haldi Turmeric Bleach Cream-17ml


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Olivia Haldi Turmeric Bleach Cream-17ml  is famous for lightening and also nourishing the skin as it contains all-natural components such as Haldi, Chandan, Nimbu and Aloe Vera which likewise help in invigorating the skin. If you have sensitive skin, after that this bleach lotion is ideal for you. Aloe vera includes life to the skin, Chandan calms the skin, whereas Haldi as well as nimbu help in protecting the skin from inflammation.

Product Features
Appropriate for sensitive skin
Includes Haldi, Chandan, Nimbu and Aloe Vera
Has invigorating residential or commercial properties
Bleaches and also nourishes the skin

Olivia Health Care, established in 1982, has been delivering the best quality products supported by domain expertise and extensive research since day one. The brand is driven by the philosophy of providing the best quality skin care products that are safe and have minimum on our environment and planet. It spurred the growth of the company and began its foray into other fields in the cosmetics and skincare industry. The brand Olivia drives its name and inspiration from the fruit Olive. Women have used Olive for its beautifying and nourishing properties for centuries. Olive is said to be the secret behind the mystifying beauty of Queen Cleopatra. Olivia is carrying the exceptional qualities of Olive forward. It lays utmost importance on herbal ingredients which are the basis of most of the Olivia products today.

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