Olivia Herbal Extracts Bleach Cream

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The Olivia Herbal Extracts Bleach Cream is known for bleaching and nourishing the skin as it contains natural ingredients such as Haldi, Chandan, Nimbu & Aloe Vera which also help in rejuvenating the skin. If you have sensitive skin, then this bleach cream is perfect for you. Aloe vera adds life to the skin, Chandan soothes the skin, whereas haldi and nimbu help in protecting the skin from inflammation.

Ideal for sensitive skin, Olivia Herbal Extracts Bleach Cream is the first natural and herbal bleach in Pakistan. Only Olivia Herbal Extracts Bleach Cream has the goodness of Haldi, Aloe Vera, Chandan, and Nimbu. These natural ingredients go beyond nourishing and bleaching your skin with their rejuvenating characteristics. Aloe Vera puts life to the skin; Chandan soothes and gives it a fine glow. Haldi protects your skin from inflammation and also works as a great antioxidant. Finally, nimbu works as an impactful antiseptic. This Haldi, Chandan, aloe vera, and nimbu nourish and combo makes your skin beautiful and fairer day by day. Olivia Herbal Extracts Bleach Cream is the ultimate hair removal solution to the extra hair growth on the skin. It fades excessive hair on your face, arms and body.

Bleaches and nourishes the skin
Suitable for sensitive skin
Has rejuvenating properties
Contains Chandan, Haldi, Nimbu and Aloe Vera

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