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Paint & Foundation: Begin Your Journey for a Flawless Makeup
You can create amazing designs with body painting that can literally make you gasp. If you have been checking out the wonderful works of body painting professionals, you must have been obsessed with the fictitious results that they can create. If you are going to give it a try to create a mind-blowing piece of wearable art by yourself, here are some tips for applying paint to your body and face.

There are many base ingredients used in face paints, a few of which make the biggest difference in the quality of your paints and give them their consistency and work as a means for the pigment. Some of the ingredients included are the main elements, while the others are perfumes, preservatives, etc. The type of paint is largely determined by the ingredients included in it.

Paraffin Wax Based
It is a petroleum-based wax that stays solid at room temperature, but once temperatures go beyond 37° Celsius. Most face paints that you will find in the market are made with paraffin wax. They have a clay-like consistency and can be activated using water. Many professional faces and body painters prefer these paints as they dry quickly, are easily workable, and provide good coverage. They don’t bleed, which allows you to create sharp edges and lines.

Glycerin Based
Glycerin is a viscous liquid that’s extracted from plants and animals. The version that’s used in face paints is extracted from plants. Glycerin is far softer than paraffin wax. Its consistency stays unchanged even when it is exposed to high temperatures making it more stable than paraffin. If it is heated to extremely hot temperatures, it turns into a cream. Face paints containing Glycerin are ideal for creating soft smooth looking bases. Also, it is very blendable and flexible, making it a perfect choice for intricate designs.

Acacia Senegal Gum Based
It is a naturally occurring gum having the hardened sap of different trees. It has consistency and behavior that falls somewhere between glycerin and paraffin wax based face paints. They may not be as soft and creamy as glycerin-based paints, but they are thinner than paraffin wax ones. Acacia Senegal gum face paints are ideal for line work with a glossy finish similar to paraffin wax. They stay in place well, but they are not as resistant to heat as other paints.

Castor Oil and Alcohol Based
These face paints are highly resistant to water and sweat. This combination in the paints gives a smooth and opaque finish with a matte look that stays in place. These face paints came in liquid form that is easy to use. They work well for base work and line work, but they are not easy to mix together with a brush or sponge as they dry very quickly on the skin.

Petrolatum Based
These body paints are designed for theatre and clown makeup. They are also known as greasepaint. They are thick, and you can apply them using a makeup sponge. You don’t need water to activate them as you can apply them directly out of the container onto the skin.