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Well-groomed brows are an important part of beauty. They define and frame our face which makes us look youthful and fresh. Eyebrows deserve more attention now that wearing face masks is in trend. We spend countless hours waxing, tweezing, threading and a lot more to get flawless brows. One of the best ways to achieve those perfect arches is by using the right brow pencil.

The best eyebrow pencil is the one that camouflages stray hairs, defines and fills in poorly shaped brows, and corrects imperfections. They are ideal for when you are growing out your eyebrows and also for defining the already great brows.

When it comes to choosing an eyebrow pencil, an important thing to notice is that the shape of the tip determines how it will define and fill in your brows. A fine, thin, flat tip is ideal for precision and the thicker tips are excellent for shading in bigger areas. The eyebrow pencil with a triangular or slanted brush gives a bit more versatility as you can make both thick and thin lines with them. The tip of the slant eyebrow pencil is used for precision work and the angle shades in.

Different Eyebrow Makeup Products
Eyebrow Pencils:
Eyebrow pencils have two main purposes; to provide soft, easy coverage and mimic brow hairs, and fill in sparse areas. They work great for drawing a specific brow shape or sketching individual hair onto sparse brows.

Brow pencils come in two types; retractable pencils and traditional pencils that can be sharpened. Every time you use a traditional pencil, you are reshaping the tip. If you don’t like sharpening the tip every now and then a retractable pencil is best for you. However, if you want a clean, sharp point every time, consider a traditional pencil.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best pencils in Pakistan, that’ll help you a line and define your brows like a pro.

Eyebrow Pens
Eyebrow pens are quite similar to eyebrow pencils but they are very different from each other. One of the major differences between the two is that brow pens provide the same rich color payoff with either a lot or little of pressure.

Eyebrow Gel
Eyebrow gels are the little black dresses of brow products that are used by so many eyebrow designers. They help shape and tame brow hairs and enhance eyebrow contour as well. They are available in many different colors and can be used by anyone. Brow gels come in two categories; there are clear brow gels and there are fiber brow gels.

Fiber gels generally give a medium to light hold on the brow styling. It contains the microfibers in the formula that give your brow instant volume which allows you to have a thicker, more lush-looking brow.

On the other hand, clear brow gels are popular among people with more dense or coarse brow hairs. They typically provide a strong to medium hold and act as a topcoat for your brows.
Eyebrow Powder
They have pressed powder pigments that can be brushed over brows for a natural and softer look. While brow gel sits on the brow hairs themselves, eyebrow powder was created to sit behind the hair. They are the best options for those with finer brow hairs and who want more definition. However, for those individuals who have oily skin, it is better to pick something more long-wearing like a pencil because eyebrow powder doesn’t tend to last for too long.

Eyebrow Pomades
Eyebrow pomades are coming back in trend among the everyday brow user. The formulas used in pomades for eyebrows are highly pigmented which allows you to create a contrast between the skin and the brow.

The rule of the thumb to choose the right eyebrow pomade is that if you live in a humid area, opt for a creamy pomade formula. If you want a better-defined brow or have oily skin, they tend to have long-wear features.

They usually have a creamy texture that helps in adding bulk to thin brows.

Eyebrow Waxes
Eyebrow waxes can be easily confused with eyebrow pomades. The main difference between waxes and pomades is that the waxes redirect brow hairs that can help you achieve the soap brow trend. Eyebrow wax helps you tame your eyebrow hairs and add some volume to them. You can either apply it alone or along with a pencil to get a full, fluffy look.

Waxes provide shape and lift to eyebrows and define eyebrow contour but they are a bit tricky to use. It gives the best results when applied with a spoolie brush. Just swipe the brush through the wax and swish it through the brows in the direction you want.

Waxes typically don’t dry all the way down. To combat this, Use a wax with a powder. They have thick formulas that can be pigmented or clear like brow gel to tame and set coarse brow hairs.

Eyebrow Tints
Eyebrow tints are longer liquids that temporarily color brows and are often water-resistant or waterproof.
What to Look For in a Brow Product

The main factor that you should consider while choosing a brow product is the formula of the product. Pencils help you achieve precision, gels and pomades hold hairs in place, and powder builds volume and gives eyebrow a more structured shape.

For those individuals who have darker hair, a brow product that matches the color of your hair exactly is the best option. If you have highlighted or lightened hair, the shade that matches your natural roots looks the best. If you have light blonde hair, opt for the shade that is two shades deeper than the natural shades of your hair.

Conditioning Agents
If you are someone who is trying to re-grow sparse areas, then you should look for products that are rich in nourishing ingredients that help in conditioning your brows. Choose the products that have moisturizing ingredients such as ceramides, coconut oil, castor oil, or vitamin E.

Should I use a brow pencil, powder, or gel?
It depends on the look you are looking for. You can either wear each of the products solos or combined. You can choose the eyebrow makeup product based on the look you want to achieve. Generally, pencils are used to create hair-like strokes. The powder is used to fill larger areas and create a shadow to give the look of fuller brows. Eyebrow gel is used to groom your brows and enhance particularly natural-looking eyebrows.

How to Choose the Best Eyebrow Shade?
To pick the best color, consider how your brows look and how you want them to look. If your eyebrow looks a little astray, you might want to pick a lighter shade for eyebrow makeup so as not to emphasize them. For those who have bangs, a darker shade for eyebrow makeup is the best way to make them more pronounced as they will peek through your hair.

The eyebrow makeup is very much determined by the color of your hair. Some of the rules of thumb to choosing your eyebrow makeup according to your hair color are: For black hair, a dark brown is the best for more definition. For blond hair, a taupe shade defines your eyebrow better. A medium-dark brown hue will look good with redhead or strawberry blonde. Soft charcoal for salt-and-pepper hair.

Another tip to select a product for your eyebrow makeup is that you draw lines on the back of your fingers and hold them up to your brow. If you are confused about choosing between two shades, it is better to choose the cooler tone to start.