Vev Beauty Waterproof Eyebrow Tint Gel

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VEV beauty Waterproof Eyebrow Tint Gel – Waterproof is a waterproof eyebrow makeup that creates a fuller-looking definition that lasts for a lot of days.

Fill and color the eyebrows with this waterproof and ultra-resistant eyebrow gel tint. The sculpting tip and eyebrow spoolie brush act together to make fuller-looking eyebrows that last for a lot of days. It is smudge proof. It does not transfer as well. 98 percent saw thicker and fuller eyebrows, 93 percent saw gel does not transfer, and 88 percent would recommend it to a buddy.

How to Use
Use a sculpting tip to fill mid-brow and tail, moving outwards.
Lightly fill in the inner brow.
Blend using grooming spoolie.
Allow some time to dry.

About Manufacturer
VEV beauty Eyebrow Gel Tint – Waterproof is an eye makeup product launched by VEV. VeV beauty is an establishment that takes brind in providing its consumers with only the best and highest quality cosmetic products through relentless evaluation of leading brands across the world. Since its inception, VeV beauty has strived to revolutionize how cosmetics are seen by providing in-depth information and details about each and every makeup item it offers so that its clients can easily identify products that suit unique individual needs and can experience joy while applying these items.

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