Miss Rose 3 Colors Eyebrow Powder

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Your eyebrows, your way.
Miss Rose 3-Colors Eyebrow Powder is a volumizing powder-to-cream texture that’s smudge-resistant and buildable for bold and full eyebrows. Monochrome eyebrow cream and two color eyebrow powder monochrome eyebrow cr1eam can draw a more dimensional eyebrow shape, with delicate power quality.

About Manufacturer
MISS ROSE is created to offer affordable and cruelty-free makeup and skincare products that are not easy to find for many customers. The brand has launched various affordable products that are of the latest trends and are not heavy on the pocket as well. The brand is a popular one in Pakistan and has successfully earned the trust of thousands of customers across the country.

Reasons to Love It
Define shapes, easily form sculpted brow arches, and cover scars, gaps, sparse and bald patches with the angled mini applicator brush.
The palette features two eye brow powder plus one wax which helps to keep eyebrows in shape.
One eyebrow cream aids to keep eyebrows in shape.
Two eyebrow powders in different shades.
Customize the perfect shade with this lightweight, sheer to medium powder coverage formula.
Gives a natural look and lasts all day long.
This eyebrow powder makes fuller precisely shaped brows.
Perfect finish, makes eyebrows thicker and fuller.
Powder-to-cream texture adheres to brows and lasts throughout the day

How to Use
Fill in and extend the brows by following the natural arch with small and feather-like strokes.

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