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Day creams come in a number of types and foams; hydrating, natural, mattifying, nourishing, anti-aging, and so on. A wrong step will leave you with an unsightly crop of blemishes and spots. You need a little information and research in order for you to find the right dress.

Day creams provide protection to our epidermis. It is a great choice to moisturise our skin after washing and cleansing. Water and facial cleansers remove the protective hydrolipidic film from our faces along with removing grime. For this reason, we need a cream to nourish, hydrate, protect our skin and make it comfortably soft. Day creams work great for clearing blemishes, smoothing wrinkles, reducing shine, calming dry patches, and preparing our skin to absorb other skincare products.

Day Cream According to Our Skin Type
Choosing the best day cream is an art. We need to bring a number of things into consideration, such as our health condition, lifestyle, and the environment where we live. These factors determine what our skin needs.
For dry skin that gets flaky or tight during winter, you need an ultra-nourishing and moisturizing cream to meet its hydration needs. Look for products with creamy textures that absorb into the skin quickly without leaving a greasy film behind.

For oily or shiny skin, you still need moisturizer but a milder one. Pick the cream that will balance out the production of sebum while nourishing and mattifying your complexion. It should have a light texture so that it doesn’t overload your skin.
For normal and combination skin, go for a mattifying moisturizer. Find a fluid, light cream that will not suffocate your skin.

For sensitive skin with irritations, red patches, and allergies, you need a gentle touch of moisturizer. Look for non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic creams that will prevent and control flare-ups.

UV Protection in Day Cream
Many skincare products claim to provide protection from UV rays in daylight. Our skin is vulnerable to damage due to ultraviolet rays, no matter whether it’s cloudy or sunny. UVB rays tan and burn the skin, while UVA rays penetrate our skin more deeply into our skin and have an effect on the epidermis badly. UVA rays can break elastic fibers in the skin and harm cell DNA.

Our skin remains exposed to UVA rays all year long, and we get a major dose of UVA in the non-summer period. Therefore, it is crucial to apply a day cream with a sun protective factor if we want to prevent the appearance of dark spots and premature aging.

Day creams provide protection from both UVA and UVB rays. For an environment like that in Pakistan, a day cream with an SPF of 30 is sufficient enough.

How to Get the Most of Your Day Cream?
Moisturizers are great for the skin. You can get the most of your face cream with these simple steps:
Cleanse your skin before applying the product as it will clean the grime, pollutants, and makeup from the skin and help it absorb active ingredients better.

Exfoliating skin regularly removes the dead skin cells allowing your skin to absorb active ingredients and help in a deeper action.

Massage your face to improve the blood flow.
Pick the right ingredients for your skin’s needs.