L’Oréal Paris White Perfect Spf 17 Day Cream – 50ml

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L’Oréal Paris White Perfect SPF 17 Day Cream-50ml  is a powerful skin brightening day cream and moisturizer offered by L’Oreal SkinCare Laboratories to give you skin brightening benefits for a radiant look. It is infused with Tourmaline Gemstone and Melanin-Vanish that makes your skin fifty times more intensely radiant while giving you a more transparent complexion.
It hydrates and brightens your skin instantly while boosting fairness and reducing dark spots. Get the most effective results by combining it with White Perfect milky foam, scrub, night cream and toner for a complete skin brightening solution. It is an anti-spot, non greasy skincare solution that is enriched with brightening elements that improves your skin’s radiance while providing protection to UV rays.
The Melanin-Vanish helps you reduce blemishes and brighten your skin tone noticeably. And Tourmaline Gemstone improves skin microcirculation to enhance the natural glow of your skin
Apply this cream regularly with your other skin care routine items to achieve even and transparent complexion and skin that stays soft and supple throughout the day. It gives you six amazing benefits; moisturizing, skin whitening, skin cleansing, hydrating, sun protection and skin exfoliation. It is suitable for all skin types.

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