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Buy Clippers & Trimmers Online to get that dream haircut at home.
Constantly looking at an unpleasant mop through the mirror of your computer screen as we type an email is a clear reminder of just how much you miss your barber at the moment. Two lockdowns due to COVID-19, it is a great time to take the job into your own hands and get your hands on a hair clipper to clear the mess at the top of your head.

Trust me, You are not alone in it. Over the year 2020, superstars who pride themselves on a flawlessly cut hairstyle have taken to the Do-It-Yourself haircut, not least Fawad Alam. With everyone being fined for back-alley haircuts during the lockdown, you’d be smart enough to follow in his footsteps.

Whether you are thinking to pair with some quality hair-cutting scissors in a try to achieve that usual fade of yours or you’ve resigned yourself to the one-grade-all-over buzz haircut, the better the clippers and trimmers you pick up, the less opportunity you’ll get to wear a classical summer cap during your next couple of Zoom meetings. That means leaving body hair and beard clippers and trimmers gently in your storage under the sink and spending some cash on a tool that is designed to mow your barnet with no hitches whatsoever.

Didn’t get what I said? Frankly speaking, when our barbers first closed their doors in the last year, neither did we, which is why we called on the expertise of professional barbers of HGS Cosmetics to get the lowdown on exactly what the professionals try to find in their tools kits. Once that was cleared up, we went ahead and tested out all of our chosen clippers and trimmers to sort them out in the list on our own.

Are cordless hair trimmers and clippers powerful enough?
Time was that corded trimmers and clippers served up substantially greater power than cordless models– not to forget the constant recharging they’d require. Thanks to upgrades in battery technology, thankfully, times have now changed, and cordless trimmers and clippers are surely the ideal options for many. Yes, they are a little bit more costly, but they are definitely well worth it. Say goodbye to tangled wires and they are awesome if you’re performing a haircut or self-beard trim, as you can move them all over your head much easier. Look out for trimmers and clippers that can be used while being charged for those occasions where you anxiously want a haircut or trim but forgot to charge up on time.

Are all hair trimmer and clipper blades the same?
As with most of the products, you get what you spend your fortune for, and there are more blade materials and types in the stores than you can even think, varying from multiple grades of titanium, steel, or even ceramic. There is the latest blade launched every day, which is exciting for any professional barber. More costly blades are more versatile and will last longer because of their hardier materials,