Kemei Km Hair Clipper – 1610

  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for men and children
  • Slim tool
  • Low noise performance
  • Affordable
  • 6 months warranty


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Box includes 1 KM-1610 clipper, Power adapter, 3-6 mm haircut limit comb, 9-12 mm haircut limit comb, cleaning brush, oil bottle.

KM- 1610 is a high-end hair clipper with a powerful motor that can cut through hair effortlessly, ensuring a clean cut every time. The clipper has been designed with the best cutting technology. That’s why; when you trim hair, the hair strands remain close to your skin for a perfect cut. It is one of the best hair clippers on the market due to its powerful motor, fast and efficient blade, and economical price. As compared to other brands, Kemei provides all required accessories with the hair clipper. That’s why; you don’t need to buy anything separately. Another plus point of this hair clipper is that it is extremely lightweight and compact in size. You can easily carry it with you while traveling.

If you have thick hair or you want to clip a bit longer hair, you will find this hair clipper an excellent choice for you. The hair clipper comes with 8 hour charging time and you can recharge the batteries time and again. If you are using it continuously to clip and trim your hair, the battery will last for 45 minutes that is sufficient to be used many times for clipping.

If you compare the performance of this hair clipper with any other clipper in the market, you will be amazed to see the performance of blades. Kemei has launched it particularly for thick and frizzy hair. That’s why; it comes with stainless steel blades and self-sharpening ability. The tool doesn’t consume a large amount of energy while you are using it or charging it. Moreover, you have a choice to use it cordless or with a cord. Some users are reluctant to use it on their mustaches and beard as trimmer. Kemei has introduced it with all essential features and you can use this multi-functional tool on the neck, head, beard, and mustaches, etc. The manufacturer offers 6 months warranty for it.

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