Kemei Km Hair Clipper – 2158

  • Dual function device
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Charging Indication
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to clean
  • 5 hours charging Time
  • 60 minutes working time


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Box includes: KM-2158 hair clipper, (3,6,9,12mm Limit Combs), Charging Adapter, Cleaning Brush, Maintenance Oil, warranty card

The KM-2158 is a hair trimmer that will give you the best haircut you’ve ever had. It is designed to offer you a haircut that is not only clean and efficient but also safe. This hair trimmer also has a “smart” function that will be helpful in case you make a mistake or need to trim a different portion of your beard or mustache. You can adjust its length in any way you want and you can also choose the length in millimeters. The KM-2158 has a fast motor that will allow you to get an amazing haircut in just a few minutes.

The KM-2158 hair clipper is the latest addition to Yuwi Kemei’s best-selling line of hair clippers, and it is one of the most innovative hair-cutting tools on the market today. The clipper’s microprocessor precision motor delivers a powerful cut, while the innovative top-mounted blade holder ensures the best performance and longest life. Users can further enhance performance with a variety of optional accessories, including a blade sharpener, cleaning brush, and oil.

For years, the top-end hair clippers have been manufactured to suit you only if you have a big budget and huge expectations. If you are not a pro, then you should try to stick to what you do well and ignore the rest. For those who are not familiar with metal hair clippers, they are also known as barbers clippers.

Earlier, the users of Remington hair clippers were happy that they are using ultra-light products. Now, on comparing Remington’s hair clippers with Kemei’s KM-2158, you can find that it stands at a distinguished level due to its ultra-lightweight and easy portability. The product has a cool and silent motor and is extremely sharp in clipping your hair up to different levels. The usage of this hair clipper is extremely simple even for a newbie.

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