L’Oréal Série Expert Blondifier Cool Shampoo – 300ml

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Revitalize your awesome blonde hair with L’Oréal Série Expert Blondifier Cool Shampoo 300ml, enriched with Polyphenols existing in the Açai berry essence as well as purple pigments. The silky smooth shampoo delicately cleanses the hair fiber and reduces the effects of unwanted yellow tones for an amazing blonde effect.

How to Use
Apply L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Acai Polyphenols Blondifier Cool Shampoo 300ml evenly to wet hair. Soap. Rinse completely. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them promptly.

L’Oreal is a Paris based international personal care company headquartered in Clichy. The slogan with which it has reached the heights of It is one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies and has developed products in the field concentrating on skin care, hair colour, hair care, make-up, protection, and perfume. The cosmetics company was founded by a young French chemist Eugene Paul Louis Schueller in 1909. It started in the hair-color business but it soon expanded into other beauty and cleansing products. Today, L’Oreal markets thousands of individual products and more than 500 brands in every beauty field; hair color, hair styling, permanents, makeup, cleansers, body and skincare and fragrance. The guiding principles of the company were innovation and research in the field of cosmetics.

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