Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo – 650ml

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Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo-650ml secures the shape of your wet hair throughout the day to keep it straight and straightened.

Its straight lock technology, along with healthy silk protein, assists in maintaining hair aligned even after hair dries out.
The shampoo is awesome for hair that is healthy, silky, and also full of movement.
Sunsilk Perfect Straight Hair shampoo is now Unbelievable Inside and brand-new outside. Its most happy purple shampoo pack includes an easy-to-handle grasp as well as a wow inside as in the past.

Sunsilk Perfect Straight includes specially established straight lock modern technology together with silk protein. The latest formula complemented by new perky fragrance functions from the very first clean to keep your hair straighter.

Does your wet straight hair lose its straightness after it dries out? Thanks to Sunsilk Perfect Straight, your straight hair stays also set after it dries! Currently, your hair stays set throughout the day and stays smooth, filled with activity.

How to Use
Begin by rinsing your hair with water. Then, apply a coin-sized amount of Sunsilk shampoo. Lather and spread it all over your hair with your hands. Finally, wash it using a rotating finger motion to cleanse and nourish pores. Rinse with water till all of the shampoos is washed off.

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