Sunsilk Golden Hair Fall Solution Shampoo – 700ml

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Sunsilk Golden Hair Fall Solution Shampoo-700ml is formulated to solve your hair fall trouble.
Sunsilk Shampoo Hair Fall Solution provides you with hair so strong it fights the loss.
Full of soya vitamin complex, Sunsilk deeply fortifies and moisturizes your hair.
Enjoy hair that is healthy and strong with decreased fallout by a maximum of 10 times.
Sunsilk Shampoo Hair Fall Solution has soy vitamin technology. The new formula complemented by a fresh perky scent works from the first wash, so your hair is strengthened and reinforced up to the tip.

Are you tired of hair fall wherever you turn? On your pillow, your car seat? Stop intense hair breakage and hair fall, beginning from today! You do not have to put up with fragile, weak, damaged hair that falls every time you brush, comb or touch it. Sunsilk Shampoo Hair Fall Solution now helps your hair reduce fall up to 10 times.

How to Use
Begin by rinsing your hair with water. Then, apply a coin-sized amount of Sunsilk shampoo. Lather and spread it all over your hair with your hands. Finally, wash it using a rotating finger motion to cleanse and nourish pores. Rinse with water till all of the shampoos is washed off. You can also use Sunsilk conditioner or any other top-notch conditioner to achieve the best results.

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