L’Oreal Paris Dream Long Restoring Conditioner – 175ml

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L’Oreal Paris Dream Long Restoring Conditioner-175ml for weakened long hair is enriched with vitamins, keratin and castor oil infused in a caring, creamy formula. It is effective for reducing breakage caused due to brushing by more than 50%.
The longer hair is more prone to get damaged and they go through a lot. Split ends start to appear and you are ever more tempted to get your tips trimmed. L’Oreal Paris Dream Long Restoring Conditioner, with its brilliant innovative formula, helps reinforce the lengths and protect your hair.
The expertly crafted creamy conditioner has a combination of a cocktail of keratin, castor oil and vitamins. It strengthens your hair from the root to tip, prevents breakage, detangles lengths, boosts shine and nourishes your hair to keep it long and healthy. It is your best bet to fortify and strengthen hair. It also has the goodness of vitamins, castor oil and vegetal keratin making it a reconstructing formula. It is effective for repairing two major damage-causing enemies; split ends and breakage.
Apply it to your damp, shampooed hair and massage it gently to make a thick lather. Leave it on for 3-4 minutes to let the ingredients soak in and do their magic before rinsing it off.

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