Miss Rose Professional Blush

Fake the flawless flush with MISS ROSE Professional Blush! This blush has a smooth formula that delivers gorgeously pigmented color. It is formulated to provide snazzy color to your cheeks with consistency and ease. Applies evenly, adheres lightly to your skin to accomplish a natural-looking application of color. A blendable and velvety smooth formula. Use MISS ROSE Professional Blush to contour, brighten, define the shape and enhance the beauty of your face. MISS ROSE Professional Blush is available in collecting highly pigmented colors that you can wear separately or layer together to make seductive depth. 

Reasons to Love It

  • Shimmer finishing powder
  • A luxury powder blush
  • Small size and lightweight
  • It can make you charming, snazzy, and beautiful
  • Choose from six fabulous shades
  • The silky-soft powder blush quickly provides your cheeks with fresh color reflections.
  • The silky application leaves the face looking healthy and radiant throughout the day.

How to Use

Select a color with the best natural undertone for your skin complexion. You should apply with the brush, then starting at the apple of your cheeks and gently swiping up and away. The exclusive formula enables you to create a more rosy or natural look. Use any excess blush along the hairlines, bridge of the nose, and chin to add warmth and color to the rest of the face. For a bolder look, swirl color in a circular motion over the cheeks, layering to your desired intensity.

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