Miss Rose Black Color Blush – 2

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Miss Rose Black-2 color blush is an essential for makeup lovers.This product boosts your complexion, structures your face and gives you a healthy radiant effect. Uniting glow and colour , it accentuates your cheekbones and lights up your entire face. Its silky and fine powder texture glides on with ease. It features a convenient, on-the-go case that goes wherever you do for easy touch-ups all day long.

Reasons to Love It
No dye and will not form an annoying mark. High-quality ingredients do all need to care for skin and can last all day long.
An extremely soft, fine, and silky powder texture.
Perfect for party makeup, casual makeup, and wedding makeup, etc.
Feel light and soft, easily create a clear and brilliant makeup finish
Wonderful colors for your selection. Portable and convenient to use. High Quality, buy with confidence!
Ideal for professional makeup artists and anyone who wants to experiment with different colors without spending a fortune on separate powders.

How to Use It
Apply Miss Rose Black 2 color blush with the brush, starting at the apple of your cheeks and gently swiping up and away. Use any excess blush along the hairlines, bridge of the nose, and chin to add warmth and color to the rest of the face. For a bolder look, swirl color in a circular motion over the cheeks, layering to your desired intensity.

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