Dr Rashel Private Parts Whitening Soap

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DR RASHEL PRIVATE PARTS WHITENING SOAP is made especially for cleaning your sensitive parts of the body. The soap is very effective which helps to soften and whiten your sensitive areas. Dr Rashel soap is free of harmful substances and any other restricted or hazardous materials.

How to Use Dr Rashel Soap:
Grab the soap and wash your area surrounding your external vagina when taking a bath between 2-3 minutes. Then rinse the area well with plenty of water. To achieve best results, use the soap periodically and properly.

Dr Rashel soap softly nourishes your skin and hence, giving it a matte glow. You will find yourself more beautiful using it. The soap also provides your body a charming and shiny color. It also makes your private parts more gentle as well as boosts their beauty. The soap is very soft and safe for the skin. So, with the soap, you can give your skin the attentive care it demands. It also supplements your skin of private and other body parts with important and necessary moisture providing it hydration and softness. You can also moisturize and improve your skin tone with this soap. The expiry date of soap is 3 years and weighs around 100 grams per unit.

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