Pond’s White Beauty Cleansing Milk – 150ml

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Pond’s White Beauty Cleansing Milk-150ml now geared up with Pearl Nutrient, Vitamin B3, and AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which is able to remove impurities as well as makeup, without making the skin completely dry. Facial skin has a clean, smooth feeling and also looks like a lovely natural glow with the intense glow of pearls.

How to Use:
Rub Pond’s White Beauty Cleansing Milk 150ml on the face and then clean it with a cotton swab. Use Pond’s White Beauty Lightening Toner afterward.

During use avoid straight contact with sunshine. Do not use it around the eyes and also mouth. In case of hypersensitivity reactions (burning experience, redness) quit the application.

Pond’s is an American based brand of healthcare and beauty products and is currently owned by the multinational corporation Unilever. A pharmacist Theron T. Pond invented Pond’s Cream as a patent medicine in the United States. It was created with a healing tea extracted from witch hazel which could heal small cuts and other ailments. It came to be known as Golden Treasure which, later, changed into “Pond’s Extract.” In the 20th century, the company expanded business into cosmetics products. It created the “Pond’s Cold Cream” and the “Pond’s Vanishing Cream” making its way into the skincare industry. Today, its products are being sold in every country in the world with largest markets in Spain, Japan, India and Thailand.

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