Dr Rashel 3 in 1 Argan Oil Facial Cleanser

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Dr Rashel 3 in 1 Argan Oil facial cleanser performs three functions on your skin; remove makeup, cleansing deep, lifting and firming your skin. It comes with a gentle cleansing formula that is infused with the essence of Moroccan Argan Oil. It gently cleanses the skin surface dirt, oiliness and makeup. It also helps repair facial skin from various injuries and imperfections and washes the skin fresh, moist, comfortable and tight compact and delicate.
Argan Oil facial cleanser 3 in 1 cleans and hydrates the skin deeply by maintaining the skin’s natural glow. It keeps the skin’s balance without drying it. It is ideal for removing the build-up of dead skin cells from the skin giving it a healthy glow.
This one step gentle facial cleanser is crafted to revitalize and purify skin by removing even the toughest makeup along with excess oil, trapped dirt and waterproof mascara. This micellar water is free of alcohol- and fragrance-free that won’t clog pores and is suitable for even sensitive skin, for effective and gentle skin care.
To get the most out of it, wash your face and gently rub the gel onto your skin in circular motions while avoiding the eye area. Rinse your face thoroughly and pat it dry with a towel.

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