Pond’s Acne Clear Anti Acne Facial Foam-100g


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Do you want radiant and acne-clear skin? Pond’s Acne Clear Anti Acne Facial Foam-100g has active Thymo-T Essence which goes deep inside the skin to lock the acne e-causing germs at its root and aids to clear it away. This facial foam gives best results that strengthen the skin and offers beautifully clearer, smooth skin on the outside. Now, if you are an acne sufferer, you can have healthier, clearer skin in no more than three days.

If frequent breakouts and acne troubles you a lot, here is an anti-acne solution. Pond’s Acne Clear Anti Acne Facial Foam 100g lets you treat your pimples while you wash the face. It has the dynamic blend of Thymo-T Essence, which travels down to the core of your skin and takes action to cleanse dirt and germs. It purifies your skin from its root, making your surface clearer. The skin feels smooth, becomes stronger, and looks clear. Experience less frequent breakouts and an overall clear-looking skin with Pond’s Acne Clear Anti Acne Facial Foam 100g.

Product Features
Clarifying formula – improves the skin condition in 3 days
facial foam – cleansing facial wash
Thymo-T Essence – gives active cleansing from root to surface
Targets pimples – controls oil and kills bacteria

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