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Dr Rashel Men Hair Removal Cream is a top quality skincare product offered by Dr.Rashel. Dr Rashel is a trusted name in the health and cosmetic industry. Firstly, their products are certified. Hence, we can confidently say that their products are safe and 100 percent authentic.

First of all, Dr. Rashel men hair removal cream works in 4 minutes (quick action)
Secondly, it is effective, pain-free, and fast
It is ideal for use on your legs, chest, back, armpit and the private areas
Therefore, you can enjoy hair free skin that lasts days longer after shaving
Moreover, it regenerates, repairs, and nourishes your skin with its natural extracts

How to Use
First of all, apply the hair removal cream generously to your areas to be treated.
Secondly, using the hand, smooth the cream on to totally cover your hair with an even and thick layer.
Then, don’t rub in.
Moreover, leave the cream on your areas to be treated for at least four minutes.
Lastly, using a tissue or soft cloth, test a small area for experimenting with the hair removal using this product.
If hair doesn’t come away easily, leave the hair removal cream on for some time without exceeding ten minutes in total.
Wipe the cream and hair away using a tissue.
Finally, rinse the treated area with water and dry while you take a bath

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