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Yes, we know we are going through a pandemic, that doesn’t mean ladies cannot do wonders on their face. Whether it is an important Zoom meeting or for a video call with your friends, it is crucial to make sure those wonders are not ruined. Especially after sitting in front of a bright white screen for the whole day. Fortunately, the best way to make sure your perfectly worn foundation, sharp-winged liner, and blinding highlighter don’t break down mid-video call is by incorporating a top quality setting spray- also known as hairspray for the face- into your daily makeup routine.

A good setting spray has mainly three components, which are alcohol, water, and a film former that forms a barrier to avoid makeup from slipping. Hair gels are also formulated with the same ingredients. But setting spray is more gentle and safe for use on your face.

To use a setting spray, just give your complete face in cues or a mist. You can apply a setting spray in a zig-zag motion on your face by beginning on the forehead and going down to your chin. You will spritz it on your skin in the distance to remoisturize your face after applying make-up. The next tip is to dampen a beauty blender with the magic liquid before pressing it on your skin to smooth out creased makeup or dry patches.

Keep these tips in mind, and you will apply setting spray like a pro beautician. Scroll down to see the best setting sprays on the market to ensure your makeup helps you in the long run.
Are you confused between choosing a setting spray or a powder or prefer setting spray over the powder? Know that setting sprays will help the makeup last long. But if a matte finish is your target, you should do a partnership with a powder and a setting spray together for a radiant-free look that lasts long. Simply apply your face powder at first, and end with a matte setting spray.

Can You Use Hairspray As A Setting Spray For Makeup?
No, that would be a disaster. If you go through the ingredients of the hairspray and setting sprays, you will notice that there are some overlapping ingredients. That doesn’t mean you can expect the hairspray to offer the same benefits and have the same properties. Makeup and hair setting sprays are made with different formulas for different substrates, skin, and hair and should be applied as per their given directions.