Miss Rose O2 Mist & Fix Setting Spray

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MISS ROSE O2 Mist & Fix Setting Spray is a comfortable and light spray that sets all kinds of makeup and prolongs hold, even under severe conditions. It makes a rub-resistant, sweat-proof barrier for fresh-looking makeup that can last up to 12 hours a day.

About Manufacturer
MISS ROSE is created to offer affordable and cruelty-free makeup and skin care products that are not easy to find for many customers. The brand has launched various affordable products that are of latest trends and are not heavy on the pocket as well. The brand is a popular one in Pakistan and has successfully earned the trust of thousands of customers across the country.

How It Works
With its alcohol-free formula, makeup is safeguarded by a light, invisible film that feels comfortable on your skin. Enriched with chitosan, a marine algae extract, this makeup fixer spray protects your skin against external harm caused by pollution, temperature changes, and other possible irritants.

Feature: Increases hydration by 40% after 2 hours
Benefit: Makeup lasts 12 hours
Formulation: Liquid
Special Trait: Unique alcohol-free formula
Benefit: Nutritious,moisturizer and natural

How to Use It
Once all of your makeup is worn, including mascara and face powder, hold the bottle about eight inches away from the face, close the eyes, and mist all over your face.

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