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Lip liners are essential for every lip makeup kit but the hunt for the best lip liner is not an easy one. It is a lot like finding a classic white button-down shirt or the beautiful little black dress you love to wear at late-night parties. In simple words, it has to fulfill criteria: Does it make you feel like the better version of yourself? Does it feel easy on the lips? Does it match your natural lip tone and skin complexion? Does it adore almost every makeup look?

If the lip liner you have isn’t up to that criteria, it seems like you have to continue your search for the best lip liner. When you find the right one, you will be shocked at the multitude of methods you can use lip liners to highlight and enhance your lips. For instance, overdrawing your lip a bit and accentuating your cupid’s bow for a fuller look are only two examples of ways you would require nude lip liners in your makeup kit to execute.

This is where the experts come into the picture, as they work with a contour edition lip pencil on their clients daily and have enriched the knowledge of the best neutral colors for your skin complexion.

Ladies are most likely already makeup-savvy enough to have an idea about someone with light or fair skin who wouldn’t desire to wear the same colors as someone with a dark or tan skin complexion. Either you are still hunting for a lip liner that will instantly line lips beautifully or are due for another neutral one in your makeup arsenal, check out the collection at where you can find the genuine products by local and international brands in Pakistan. Pick your favorite ones and place your order to have them delivered at your doorstep anywhere in the country.

Shape Of Lip Liner
There are several types of lip liner out there that can be shaped like a crayon, pencil, or retractable pen.

Lip Pencil
A pencil is the most famous lip liner option due to its creamy texture that offers ultra smooth glide. It also adds a sharp definition to the lips. You could take help from the blendable texture of a creamy pencil to use the side of your pencil to shade the outline and outline the edge of your lips. For enjoying a better effect, always sharpen the lip pencil.

Retractable Lip Liners
A retractive lip liner features a plastic twistable end that raises and retracts. You don’t have to sharpen it. It is softer than a lip pencil and tends to offer a heavy outline. Be careful with these, as applying too much pressure will end up cracking the liner.

Crayon Lip Liners
They are quite similar to pencil lip liners, but it’s bigger than a pencil and covers more volume. There is also a bolder and smaller kind of crayon liner; you may choose one based on your preference. The crayon pencil provides a natural look and can be worn as a lip color any time of the day.

Why Should You Use Lip Liner
There are several reasons to fall in love with lip liners. Here are some reasons why a lip liner is a must-have in your makeup bag.

Adds More Definition
Those fuller-looking pouts are brought within your reach by your trusty lip liners. Pairing your lip pencil with the one with a lighter-shade to highlight will add extra definition to your lips. This will not just keep your lip line clean but also add shape to it.

First, apply the lighter pencil in the bow of your upper lip. Then use the darker shade just below the bow of your upper lip to highlight and lift that area. If you need touch ups, use the lighter pencil to highlight the corners and give it a sculpted look.

Prolongs Lip Color
The main purpose of lip liner is to prevent color from bleeding down or feathering throughout the day. This allows you to wear darker shades of lipstick. To make sure your darker lipstick shade stays on for a long time, you have to line and fill in your lips with a lip pencil. To achieve a perfect look, pick a shade that matches your lipstick shade or a transparent one.

Enhances Lips’ Natural Color
If you want to go with a nude shade or a no lipstick shade, here is something you can do. Take a nude shade that matches your natural lip shade and lightly trace the lip line to define your shape. Then use a brush to buff out the edges into the center of your lips. Then apply a clear lip gloss to finish it off with some shine.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Lip Liners
Here are a few things to consider while choosing the right lip liner shade that fits your needs and desires well.

The lip liners you choose don’t have to be the exact same shade as your lipstick. It depends on what kind of look you are after. For a more defined and dramatic lip look, go a shade or two deeper than your lipstick but stick to the matching shade as your lipstick. Pick a darker shade if you are trying to achieve a bolder look.

Lip Liners that Matches your Lipstick
The first rule of choosing your lip liners is that you should pick a lip liner from the same color palette as your lipstick. For instance, if your lipstick has red undertones, use a red lip liner. If you are using a purple lipstick, picking an orange lip liner would be a disaster.

Finding a Perfect Nude
If you have several different lipstick shades but don’t have a lip liner for every shade, then a perfect nude shade would be the best choice for you. The right nude for you is the one that has exactly the same shade as the natural shade of your lips. Figure out if your lips have pink, red or a purple undertones. Use the shade that looks identical to your lips’ shade as a base for lipsticks that have about the same shade as your natural lip color.

Your Desired Look
If you are clear about what kind of lip look you are trying to get, it makes it a lot easier to pick the right lip liners. For that dramatic and sexy look you dream of, picking the one that is two shades deeper than your lipstick is the way to go.

For a natural look, choose the shade that matches as much as possible to the natural color of your lips.

If you want your lips to be more plump, creating a border around your lips with a nude color shade will add definition to them creating a more voluminous and larger look.

If you are looking for more coverage, go with the one that provides highly pigmented texture.