Medora Pink Lip Liner – 06

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Medora Lip Liner, Pink 06 is a rich, tea pink lip liner to resize, reshape, and balance the look of your lips.

Product Features
Combo of distinctive silicones ensures seamless, long-lasting color for hours
Use for lining, allover lip shade, or pairing with another lip makeup product
The nondrying, long-lasting formula is enriched with emollients for a creamy texture
Lips are quickly saturated with rich pigments and a velvety matte finish

Why Use It?
Medora Lip Liner, Pink 06 smooths over your lips to form a seamless line, reshape, and resize for a gorgeous pout. It lasts more than six hours due to a waterproof, no-smudge formula that won’t transfer or feather. The texture is tea pinkish and rich to layer conveniently on the lips. Wear Medora Lip Liner, Tea Pink 09 alone or with a fine gloss for a lighter finish.

Beauty Tip
Always match the lip liner to the lipstick shade to perfect the lip shape and create lipstick that stays in place all day long and night hours.

Recommended Usage
Outline the lips starting with the corner of your top lip. For a fuller lip look, create over the edge of the natural lip line
Fill in the lips using a matching lipstick shade

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