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Buy Best Lip Gloss Online in Pakistan
After so many years dominated by liquid lacquers and matte lipsticks, it appears silky, glowy, and slightly subdued glosses make a huge comeback. And, joyfully, the latest formulas have come quite a long way:

Unlike the glosses of the 90s and early 2000s (meaning blindingly shiny, overly sticky, and over-the-top scented), today’s iterations have been reformulated to be longer-lasting and less sticky, infused with reflective shimmers and—top of the line—loaded with nourishing skincare ingredients such as shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and moisturizing agents to quench dry lips. Lip gloss has brought about a makeup revolution.

Don’t forget that they also come in just about every imaginable color and finish, from your traditional clear glow to iridescent colors of purple to full-on nudes to glittery golds to shimmery pinks, so there are choices that flatter dark skin, fair skin, and everything in between for your lips.

It can be hard to search for top-rated products especially when you are lip gloss online shopping in Pakistan. that don’t have the right amount of shimmer, feel extra sticky, and are available in a complementary color for your skin complexion— especially if you don’t want to throw some rupees at one single tube.

Fear not, as perfect formulas can be found at a cosmetics store. With that in mind, HGS Cosmetics has listed the best lip glosses that pack hella shine for your lips. So, women, if you’re looking for the best lip glosses out there, you’ve come to the exact right place where you can find genuine products of all major local and international brands in Pakistan.

Ahead, professional makeup artists at HGS Cosmetics share their favorite and high-quality lip glosses, including perennial cult favorites from brands splurge-worthy luxury buys and a couple of budget-friendly drugstore picks—all of which are guaranteed to make you shine.

Things to Consider While Buying a Lip Gloss
Your Budget
The first thing to consider when choosing a lip gloss is how much you are willing to spend. If you are a little tight on the budget, you might want to try the drugstore brands first instead of going to some international brand.

There are several great options in every price range to choose from even in the brand you love.
Lip gloss comes in a huge variety of applicator options such as a stick, a little pot, and a brush. Pick the type of applicator you like using or the one that comes with the accessories you are comfortable with using on your lips.

Consider the color that looks great on you with your natural skin tone. Some rules of the thumb are that women with olive skin should avoid yellow-based lip gloss shades and choose more blue-based shades. Figure out what you need before you get frustrated trying on 1,000 different products.

Glitter Or No Glitter
Who says glittery glosses are only for teenagers? You should apply glittery glosses if it looks good on you and you want to wear them. Before you go shopping, find out what kind of lip gloss you are looking for; shimmery or glittery or flat.

SPF Properties
Many of us, if not all, apply sunblock on our faces leaving our lips bare when lips are the most susceptible to sunburn. Luckily, some lip glosses come with SPF protection.

So, while choosing lip gloss, check the labels to see if it offers SPF protection and pick that.

Do you want a lip gloss that can keep your lips looking pretty all day or are you not bothered by touch-ups? If you don’t want to keep on re-applying lip gloss, pick the one that has a stain on it.

Types of Lip Gloss
Lip gloss is ultra-glossy and full of shimmer but it also comes in different shades, forms, and finishes. Here are some of the most common lip glosses you can find on the market to get a better idea.

If you don’t like layering, you can find a lip gloss with extra pigmentation too. They are free of gloss or shimmer but they are as shiny as any other lip gloss.

They offer a bold finish that doesn’t last as long as lipstick.

Sheer Lip Gloss
Sheer lip gloss provides a light wash of color which makes it ideal to top off lipstick for a more colorful punch.

Glitter Lip Gloss
They come with chunkier glitter which makes it extra sparkly.

Shimmer Lip Gloss
Shimmer is different from glitter. It contains a fine-milled shimmer that gives a perfect 2000s look.

Matte Lip Gloss
Matte lip gloss might sound like a paradox but it’s true; there are lip glosses that give a matte finish. There are several brands that offer lip gloss that gives a matte finish to your lips.