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When was the last time when you were truly, really excited about shopping for a lip balm? Probably before the pandemic when you can visit any of your favorite cosmetics stores and get your hands on the best lip balm, which you immediately lost after purchasing it. Well, the balm game has now developed a lot since your college days, and today’s formulated lip balms are now available sheer or tinted, quick-dry or long-lasting, and pricey or cheap. Regardless of what kind of lips you have and how heavy your wallet is, you must have been crying out for lip balms. Don’t forget, the same moisturizing ingredients you find in skincare products have ultimately made their way into the lip category.

The prospect of peeling, dry and cracked lips have just got so real due to the never-ending pattern of blizzards and rain and intensifying cold weather. And everyone now wears a mask most of the time; we have just one more drying, chafing hurdle to beat to reach supple, soft lip nirvana. So, ladies, if you wish to own kissable lips (and honestly, just comfortable), you will require a fine formula designed to moisturize, soften, and the texture of the lips. We searched the internet (keeping our purses and budget in mind) for our best picks, both current and classic, to make the selection process a million times easier. Here, we present to you the very most excellent balms you’ll get excited to slather on every single day.