Labello Original Caring Lip Balm – 4.8g

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Labello Original Caring Lip Balm 4.8g, A busy regular and also a busy way of life are typical nowadays. When you rarely obtain time to opt for a touch-up to your cosmetics, you can keep your lip skin moistened with Labello Original Caring Lip Balm, 4.8 g, at your hands, reach, inside your bag. Its durable moisturization formula keeps your soft lip skin protected versus dryness, especially in completely dry seasons. The balm is made with a pleasant fragrance and also natural oils to calm your lips skin. It can be found in a 4.8 g stick as well as is small in dimension, which allows you to quickly bring it together with you anywhere.

Product Features
Available in 4.8g stick
Long-lasting protection against excessive dryness
Moisturizes, repairs and soothes skin on your lips
Ideal for winters and dry weather season
Dermatologically tested
Nourishes with natural oil formula

Labello is a Germany and Austria based brand of lip balm sticks manufactured by Beiersdorf AG. Labello is a combination of two Latin words; “labium” (lip) and “bellus” (beautiful). The lip balms by Labello are also sold under the name of Liposan, Labello Nivea and Nivea Lip Care. It also creates lip care products used for moisturizing, medical treatments, for cosmetic purposes and protection from sun.

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