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The wavy and thick hair of girls is the envy of some of their best friends. As an Asian Lady, I am blessed with thick, black, wavy hair. Unfortunately, mistaking my genes for a full-proof jacket, I colored my beautiful hair for several years, using heat hair accessories with it almost daily from my childhood till I was grown up. When my pretty hair started to become coarse, rough, and dry, I applied heat tools even more intensely, falling into an everlasting cycle of hair damage.

No more than a year before, I decided to do something about it. I said goodbye to heat hair tools, ditched my hair colorist, and got rid of each and every product I had, from mainstream shampoos to typical hairsprays, in search of more nourishing, cleaner ingredients. I also replaced my brush with one that was more gentle, and I upped my vitamin intake to support my hair growth. If you also have a similar experience, you must be searching for some products for your hair repair. Well, congratulations, you are in the right place.

How Does Your Hair Get Damaged?
Our hair experts explain that hair has three major parts, which are cuticles, follicles, and shafts. Keratin makes most of the hair cuticles. When they are healthy, the outer cuticle lifts and turns worn. It means that the overlapping cells cannot lie flat anymore. This can make the hair shaft become intensely fragile and prone to breaking and splitting. Extra heat from hair styling accessories such as hair tongs or straighteners, UV rays, excessive washing, UV rays and therefore removing the natural oils that nourish it and less frequent haircuts ruin your hair.

The potions and lotions that we use are the keys to lessen their impact, avoiding further hair breakage, and will surely keep you in fine stead for your next visit.

What Can Products Do To Repair Hair?
Use vitamins, hydration, and strengthening oils on your hair through your serums, shampoos, conditioners, or masks. These hair repair products can efficiently repair broken bonds and counter typical issues such as frizz, split ends, dryness, dullness, and lifelessness. HGS Cosmetics hair experts suggest that while choosing hair repairs to use as preventative: nourish, protect and strengthen hair on a regular basis to preserve its health. Products having Golden Quinoa for additional protein are perfect for preventing hair damage and restoring hair health.

Following are the golden haircare rules:
Prevent the heat
Ditch washing your hair daily to preserve the natural oils
Avoid brushing wet hair or drying them with a towel as it can make them rough.
We here at HGS Cosmetics experimented with different products and operated on the one that worked the best and which didn’t work out at all. Ahead, take a look at the best hair repair products that will definitely make a difference for you. So, check out all of these products and see which one suits you the best and fulfills your needs with ease.