Yc Hair Repair Serum For Shiny Hair – 30ml

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YC Hair Repair Serum For Shiny Hair-30ml has advanced botanical formulas in the world. This serum provides new life to your hair roots. It can be used for male and female for hair repair. It gives a long lasting shine to your dull hair within a couple of days. It has an extra strength formula that makes your hair shiny and straightening.
YC Hair Repair Serum contains silicon that works as a protective covering to the hair shaft. It prevents the serum from absorbing into the hair shaft so that it stays on the surface of hair. It helps in removing all the tangles in the hair while making it more shiny. It is effective for removing damaged and dry hair and it will protect your hair until the next wash.
It brings back life to dull and thin hair. It restores bounce and volume and brings back natural shine to your hair. It has an advanced botanical formula in the world. YC is a Thailand based cosmetics and skin care company that first started its mind blowing line of skin care products in 1989 under the name of Yong Chin. The first product launched was Yong Chin Whitening Cream which gained popularity in a short period. YC had been distributing its products to SouthEast Asia since 1990

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