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Harsh conditions like UV rays, pollution, and the use of chemically treated products take a toll on our hair. Though serums and conditioners give your hair a lustrous shine, regular massages with hair oil have proven to strengthen and add volume to your hair. Women have been applying oils extracted from various herbs to their hair since the time unknown. Long and shiny hair has always been considered a sign of beauty, and it plays an important part in shaping your personality. Therefore, women would take care of their hair with hair oils, including various natural ingredients.

Hair oils are infused with many organic materials that can treat a plethora of hair problems ranging from frizziness and dandruff to split ends and hair fall. Regular massage with hair oil can help in avoiding all kinds of hair issues while improving your hair health. You can find hair oils of different types in the market. Each hair oil has its own set of benefits. Well, reputed brands such as Himalaya, Aloe Veda, Indulekha, Park Daniel, Parachute, and The Real Man offer a vast variety of hair oils made from natural ingredients. 

Various Types of Hair Oils

Hair oils, just like any other care product, are designed for a variety of hair types to address their unique problems. So, you can find the right oil whether you have dry or oily hair. Hair oil is made from all-natural ingredients that provide your hair with much-needed nutrition. Here are the different types of hair oils you need to know about.  

  • Castor Hair Oil

Castor oil provides you with the best remedy if you are facing hair loss issues. With its several strengthening and nourishing properties, it is an effective hair growth oil that can give your hair a new life. Using this hair oil gives you various benefits such as fighting scalp infections, controlling hair loss, and preventing split ends. In addition to promoting hair growth, it makes your hair look noticeably thicker.

  • Coconut Hair Oil

The amazing properties of coconut hair oil are known to everyone. It has been used for centuries and works like a miracle on both hair and skin. It locks the moisture in your hair and keeps your strands moisturized. It contains several nutrients and vitamins that give essential care to your hair and strengthens your follicles from within. It is also a great remedy against the dryness of hair and dandruff. Massage coconut oil into your scalp and hair at least once a week to achieve shiny, healthy, and lustrous hair.

Apart from these two major and most commonly used types of hair oil, various others can help you meet the nutrition needs of your hair. There are jojoba oil, olive oil, and almond oil that gives various benefits to your hair. Moreover, hair oils can also be used by men for growing beards as it is becoming a trend these days. The oils made especially for beards have one of these oils as a base that makes your beards strong and healthy.

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