Dr Rashel Keratin Gold Hair Oil

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DR RASHEL Keratin Gold Hair Oil With Keratin nourishes the hair from the root to tip while giving your hair shine and luster. Dr. Rashel Gold oil contains keratin, which repairs and softens your hair while nourishing your hair from seated to the parties. The abstract gold atoms gives your hair luster and shine. It prevents hair loss and eliminates dandruff. Massage the oil on the hair or scalp with fingers. Use the oil regularly for the best results.
Dr Rashel is one of the most well reputed skin care brands operating in Pakistan that offers 100% original products to the satisfaction of its customers. It was founded in Dubai in 2000. In the beginning, it has solely been a perfume brand deducing the apogee of elegance, luxury and happiness by natural beauty and natural skin care.
Dr. Rashel offers various high quality hair care and hair styling products for both men and women. It believes that the hairstyle plays an important role in shaping your personality and directly affects the general evaluation standard of urban men and women. Its special pomade creates a unique look on you that makes you stand out. Whether you are in the office, cafe, gym, hotel, party or any other place, this product will make you shine and boost your confidence making you a public focus.

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