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It can be a nightmare to spend enormous effort and time to make your eye makeup perfect, simply to observe that your concealer and eyeshadow have worn off after just some hours. There are primers for all skin types; whether it is oily, dry, sensitive, or normal. Ladies have had to deal with this issue almost every day such as uneven skin tone since they started applying makeup as a child or grownup. Most likely, it has to do something with watery eyes and rubbing them all the time. If you are looking for a permanent solution after years of having to wear your eye makeup every noon, you should look into eyeshadow primers. 

Eye flawless base and primers are handy cosmetics that are specially designed to avoid eye makeup from fading and creasing. They work in the same way as a face primer works for blush, foundation, and powder. They may seem like merely some other useless makeup item that brands are marketing and offering you. But that won’t be the case once you start using them-They will instantly become a useful step in your everyday makeup routine.

But finding the right eye base and makeup primer may feel overwhelming as numerous high-end beauty retailers and drugstores have tons of them from different brands. So, to help you find the best available options, we have listed the top-rated products and placed them in this category of HGS Cosmetics. Whether you are searching for an eye base and makeup primer that assists your eye color look more pigmented or a product that can help the makeup stay on oily lids, you will find something that suits your need at HGS Cosmetics.

Types of Primers
Hydrating Primers
It is a challenge for ladies having dehydrated, dry skin to wear foundation as it settles into the rough spots and offers your complexion a flaky look. If that sounds similar to your experience, perhaps you can go for an ultra-moisturizing primer. Normally, these primers have combined hyaluronic acid and agave extract for a hydrating finish that can last for more than 12 hours.

Blurring Primers
Blurring primers usually have light-reflecting technology creating a soft-focus effect airbrushing out flaws and making them easier to cover.

Matte Primer
This makeup primer downright mattifying is for truly oily skin. As the name suggests, it gives a matte finish to your skin. It is a smooth base for long-lasting makeup and it offers beautiful skin with a filtered, blurred effect. Oily beauty lovers rave about these mattifying primers. It’s ultra-light, long-wearing, and gives that filtered, blurred effect. This is a perfect primer for you to get a matte finish.

Pore Minimizing Primers
You should try a pore-minimizing formula if you are fed up with your pores dominating your face. As their name suggests, these oily skin savers blur pores to decrease their appearance. As an extra tip? These primers are also mattifying so that you can eliminate greasiness and shine in a single swipe. Pore minimizing primer gives a smooth skin finish, and lightweight feel and some come with broad-spectrum SPF 20 protection.

Color Correcting Primers
Color Correcting Primers use the concept of the color wheel that erases problems. The shades on the opposite side of the wheel cancel each other out to conceal imperfections.

Illuminating Primers
One surefire method to make your foundation appear like skin and not makeup is to use primers having illuminating properties. Wear them on bare skin, all over your face, or on the high points of it to add dimension and life to your complexion. If you’re having a nice face day and don’t want to apply foundation, you can still use this minimizing primer to liven up the skin.

Anti-Aging Primers
These primers are anti-aging, having both reparative and protective qualities. This primer enhances your skin tone and texture as they feature SPF to offer you protection against UV damage and other skin-healthy materials. These primers have many natural ingredients that are healthful for your skin.

Which is the Best Primer For Your Skin?
No Silicone
Previously, all makeup primers were formulated with silicone as a key ingredient as it is an effective ingredient to create an even and smooths skin texture. However, it is a big no if you care about the environment and can also irritate the skin barrier. Today, all major brands of makeup primer make non-silicone products but you can still find the ones with silicone, so basically it is a matter of personal preference.

Antioxidants are the most important ingredients in not just a primer but also in every other skincare and cosmetics product. Primers with formulas that are packed with antioxidants are nourishing and healthful to the skin. Antioxidants are beneficial for all skin types; from dry to oily to sensitive. They are known for their ability to fight off free radicals and correct signs of aging. A primer with antioxidants can be the last step of your skincare regime.

You will need a different kind of finish depending on your skin type. If you have dry skin, pick a primer that gives a radiant or luminous finish. It helps in imparting the added glow to your skin from the very outset of your makeup application. If you are dealing with oily skin type, choose out a primer labeled as “velvet” or “mattifying” finish. This primer will help tamp down excess oil.

What is a face primer used for?
A face primer makes a barrier between your skin and makeup. It locks in moisture and makes the foundation stay in place for a silky texture and smooth finish while minimizing the look of visible pores.

How to apply face primer perfectly?
Skincare experts suggest that you apply a small amount onto your brush or your ring finger. Blend the primer outward starting from the center of your face. Applying primer with your fingers can add oil to your face and there are natural oils on your fingertips. Blending primer with a flat foundation brush gives an even makeup application and helps your foundation go on much smoother as it makes the brush smoother. Also, remember that you should apply primer after moisturizer but before any other makeup product.

Is it safe to use face primer under your eyes?
Yes, it is safe to use face primer under your eyes. However, you should not work it too close to the lash line as it can irritate your eyes.

Is it safe to use face primer on eyelids?
Yes, you can use face primer on your eyelids but it won’t work in the same way as on your face. As face primer is supposed to provide a smoother surface for foundation but for eyes, the primer has to be a little tackier to help eyeshadows stick to your lid. In order to get a full eye look, pick a separately dedicated eye primer for this purpose as they are also specially formulated for delicate skin.