L’Oréal Infallible Luminizing Primer 05 Glowizard

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L’Oréal infallible Luminizing Primer 05 Glowizard preps and primes skin for make-up and delivers a super glowy and radiant look. It has ultra-fine colored pearly texture that gives that ideal customizable glow effect in an instant. From dramatic to subtle, like a photo filter, you get a perfect makeup look. It is formulated from a blend of special moisturizing oils and other elements.
Its ultra lightweight formula glides smoothly for an easy application. The ultra-thin film allows skin to breathe under the layer of makeup without any greasy or thick sensation. It improves makeup adherence and wear for a meticulous look. It has a non comedogenic formula that you can apply on the targeted areas to highlight or full face. You can apply it alone, under or over foundation for your desired look.
For a perfect application, apply a thin layer of the primer using your fingertips and work it outwards in a circular motion on targeted areas to brighten or full face. You can use it as a targeted highlighter alone, under or over makeup.
Include this easy to apply primer in your makeup routine to cover all sorts of blemishes and spots. All you have to do is dab to get that ideal makeup look you are after

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