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Best Face/Body Glitter & Stick On Jewellery to Buy Right Away
Every fashionista out there wants to conquer the monster of sparkly eye makeup. Glitter eyeshadow is a great way to express your love of glam and glitter. You don’t have to be a unicorn to pull this makeup trip off. A few tutorials, some good recommendations, and a steady hand are all you need to get the best results.

When you are dealing with glitter, you have to embrace the fact that glitter is messy. However, there are several ways to apply it without making a mess. There are certain tips to make sure the glitter stays put. Also, there are tricks to remove sparkly eyeshadow without making a mess.

Some useful information, a bit of practice, and a deft hand are all you need, and the allure of glitter makeup is yours. Here’s some information about various types of glitter eyeshadow that will help you choose the right one for yourself.

Applying glitter eyeshadow properly needs a bit of finesse. The type of glitter you are using determines which way is the best for the application. Here are the four main types of glitter eyeshadow.

Loose Glitter
It is a simple reflective glitter available in a variety of colours. You can just layer it onto the existing look, or you can mix it with anything that you want to make a Lil sparkly. To wear it as makeup, make sure it is cosmetic grade glitter to avoid medical problems and cuts on your skin, face, and eyes.

Loose Pigmented Glitter Eyeshadow
It is a mixture of glitter and pigment that gives a more natural shine and spectacular colours on application.

Cream Glitter
This glitter has a creamy base. The cream may or may not have a mixed colour in it. You need to be careful while applying it and dry it smoothly.

Pressed Powder Cream Glitter
It is a hybrid glitter that feels soft and smooth like a cream when you apply it. When the cream and hybrid pressed powder glitter dries, it stays and feels like a powder.

Prime or No Prime
Wearing makeup primer is not a necessity or a choice. Foundations can be used as the base for the glitter eyeshadow. For a more organic, subtle, and randomised look, consider applying the glitter directly. The glitter eye makeup look will last longer if you use a primer than without a primer.

Primers give your makeup a smooth surface where the makeup adheres evenly, so using a primer is a better option. Also, the glitter and colours will look more vibrant on the skin.

Some eye makeup primers are more suitable for certain looks than others. The adhesive glitter eyeshadows will hold the glitter in place and boost the colour of any pigmentation.

Black Base or White Base
Black base makes colours more saturated and richer, making them appear deeper. It is the best choice if you want to get sparkly, moody, and smokey eyes.

The white base brings out the colours making it shine more vibrantly for the desired look.