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Whether you are getting ready for a party, a corporate event, or a date, your classic dress will not be enough to impress if your hair doesn’t look so good. Washing hair is the most common hair care activity that all of us do, no matter how short or long it is. The truth is that we don’t always have enough time to sit and wait for our hair to dry up so that we can create our favourite hairstyle and go out of the house. In this case, a powerful hairdryer will come in handy.

Hair dryers are available in different types, and each type can give your hair a unique texture depending on the nozzle and blow speed you use. Also, they come with a wide variety of features for different purposes allowing you to achieve your favourite hairstyle at home.

There are hundreds of hairdryers offered by several brands on the market. Some of the most popular brands are Babyliss, Nova, Panasonic, Philips, Havells, Remington, and many more. Hair dryers from these brands are most sought after by domestic users as well as professionals.
HGS Cosmetics offers you a wide number of colourful and stylish models from well-reputed brands, which give loads of fun browsing through. However, we understand that choosing the right one can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you have numerous options. Therefore, we have brought you a comprehensive guide to help you find the right hair dryer for yourself.

Factors to Consider to Picking the Right Hair Dryer
Type of Hair Dryer:
Blow dryers come in three main types, which are widely used around the world. There is an ionic type, the tourmaline one and the ceramic one. You can choose one of these types according to your personal preferences. The Ionic blow dryer retains moisture in your hair by breaking down the water molecules and giving it a lustrous shine. The Tourmaline hair dryer emits negative ions that make your hair shine. Finally, the Ceramic Blow dryer has a special technology that dries your hair without causing damage.

The blow dryer that has a high wattage has more power. For thick hair, you need a dryer that is more powerful, working on high wattage. The ones with lower wattage are gentle and work best for straight and thin hair.

Speed and Heat Settings:
Most hair dryers are made to have a combination of two speed and heat settings. It allows you to control the intensity of the hot air depending on your needs and the nature of your hair. Adjusting these two functions gives you numerous options for styling your hair.

Today, hairdryers come with a number of smart features such as auto turn-off and cool shots. Cool shots blow cool air instead of hot air, drying your hair instantly. They also have concentrated nozzles that point the airflow to a certain area allowing you to dry your hair quickly. Moreover, diffusers in modern blow dryers prevent frizz in your curls.