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Not many products in your makeup kit can break or make a look like your contour powder. Emphasizing the natural shadows of your face, a fine contour powder has the ability to sculpt a slimmer nose, an enviable jawline, and killer cheekbones within a few seconds. Whether you have made it your goal to master the subtle contour at home or are already a professional at the chiseled look, it is quite hard to choose one from hundreds of products that are right for you. So to solve the puzzle for you, we have narrowed down your search to some of the best contour powder that will let you achieve the bone structure of Mahira Khan. Keep on scrolling to meet your latest makeup kit staple. Following are the best-selling contour kits available in the markets. They will give you a lot more creative freedom than solo powder or a single contouring stick.

No, no, we didn’t miss out on highlighters, Chill. Highlighters can help you if you have skin looking dull or a little tired. Whether they come in the form of a liquid gel, creamy stick, or a powder compact, their work is to quickly glow your skin by attracting light, making an illusion of being well-rested. Do you know what the most beautiful thing about selecting a highlighter?- the world is your oyster, not even kidding.

But, it is a kind of double-edged sword as there are countless highlighter options that can be somewhat intimidating after testing almost all of the famous highlighters and plenty of awesome products to erase dark shadows around your eyes and produce an overall lit-from-within glow. HGS Cosmetics has mentioned the best highlighters.

Types of Highlighters
Strobing Cream
Strobing creams are the answer to give your skin that will give your skin that ‘lit from within’ glow. You can wear them as an illuminating primer after or before your base makeup to give the face a natural glint and can also be layered according to your preference. You may use these before setting your foundation on the highlighting point of your collar bones, face, or wherever you feel like boosting it.

Stick Highlighter
This one is for the makeup newbies. A shimmer like stick highlighter, similar to a thick crayon, is sketched directly on your face’s high points and then blended in with your fingertips. Nothing else to this method, you should use this highlighter like this every time. You can also use this one on your eyelids to let them look more bright.

Brick Highlighter
Select a brick highlighter to get more bang. They come categorized in various colors of highlighter, which you can apply separately on your cheeks or blend together to form a custom highlight tone.

Powder Highlighter
Powder highlighter is the staple of a beauty addict. This one is available as a pressed powder in a pan, exactly like a compact powder- except it is more shimmery. You can use it with a brush as one of the final base makeup steps to strobe your skin with ease.

Liquid Highlighter
This one’s for makeup pro to test their makeup skills. You can use this highlighter with a quality foundation, mix them properly, and you will see it look so glowing.